Cape hedo : The mystery of nature

Cape hedo : The mystery of nature

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Hedo - Okinawa northern most dive site

At Hedo, you can face the mystery of nature with 20,000 years of history. Once, there was a stalactite cave on land and now it is sunk underwater by the crustal movements. Pass through the cave, exit at the air pocket and gaze in awe of this wonder of nature!

All other diving points are also very dynamic as Air Dome point. At this dive site, the current is usually strong and all diving is drift diving. In order to dive here, the diver must are certified as Advanced level or above with over 50 logs and go check diving with us in advance.

Cape Hedo is located in the northern most part of Okinawa Main Island, about 2.5 hours drive from Naha Kokusai Street. As it is located on the northern most, April to November is the peak season for diving in hedo area


  • Before reservation, be sure to check the health checklist. (Click to view)

  • Before reservation, be sure to check our refund policy. (Click to view)

  • After diving you must have at least 18 hours rest before taking flight to anywhere. If you go diving more than 3 days consecutively, we strongly recommend you to have 24 hours rest before taking flight.


¥ 25,000 a day per person

  • 3 Dives
  • minimum 2 people (welcome your inquiry)
  • Requirements : 30 logged Advanced Open Water Diver + Check dive in advance


Come back to the local port after every dive usually. It takes about 5~20 minutes boat ride to dive points.
05:00~05:30 Hotel pick-up (only within NAHA area)
08:30 Arrive at port
08:40 Equipment set-up, boat & diving briefing
09:00 Head to 1st point & come back to port after dive
11:00 Head to 2nd point & come back to port after dive
12:00 Pack equipment, shower & change to dry clothes and write dive logs
13:00 Lunch
16:30 Hotel drop-off (only within NAHA area)


  • Diving insurance
  • Boat fee
  • Accommodation transfer (only within NAHA area)
  • Tank & weight

Prepare by yourself

  • Diving equipment, especially dive light (You must prepare a dive light since there is a cave with no natural light. If you need equipment rental, let us know)
  • Swimsuit (recommend to wear in advance)
  • Motion sickness medicine (recommend to take in advance)
  • Towel