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Can I try discover diving even if i can’t swim?

Yes, there is no problem to enjoy diving even though you can’t swim. If you are scared of water, this is a different story. You need to inform us in advance to have a more comfortable trip.

What should I bring on activity day?

Please bring you swim suit and towel on activity day. If you need, prepare clothes to change. We do not recommend to use sun screen since it destroy the marine ecosystem.

What is the difference between Discover Diving and Fun Diving?

Discover Diving is for non certified diver. If this is your first time trying diving, you can go diving with Discover Diving program.

Fun Diving is for certified diver of reliable diving associations. Because of the diving depth, we accept at least over open water diver level diver for fun diving.

Can I go diving during my period?

Yes, you can use Tampons during activity.

Is there any age limit?

Discover Diving applies to guest between 18~60 years of age adult only. (A minor over 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult guardian.) For Fun Diving, there is no age limit. You only need to check Medical Check for SCUBA.

Can we go diving even if it rains?

Rain doesn’t affect the underwater condition that much. Still, if it is accompanied by strong winds, it can affect the surface condition. In that case, we decide whether to proceed or not by checking the sea condition first.

What should I do with bad eyesight?

We highly recommend you wear disposable soft lenses. It rarely happens but sometimes you can lose lenses during sea activity. So we don’t recommend you to wear hard lenses for sea activity.

Can I take a shower after the activity?

You can only take a fresh water shower without shampoo or body shampoo. The water usually goes to the ocean right away, so you cannot use any cleanser. In case of Kerama diving, there is a simple shower facility on boat. In case of Manza and Itoman area, there is a simple shower facility at port. In case of the dive site without any shower facility, we bring fresh water for taking a shower.

Is there a changing room?

There is a changing space almost every dive site. In case of Kerama diving, there is a changing room on boat. In case of Manza and Itoman area, there is a changing space at port. In case of the dive site without any changing space, we bring a simple tent for changing.

Will your staff take a photo for me?

Yes, we provide the underwater photography service for free. If we think there is no safety issue, we take pictures not just for discover diver but also for fun diver.

How do you choose the diving points?

– Kerama diving : After departure, check the sea condition and choose the diving points on the activity day.

– Okinawa main island diving : We usually visit Middle or Northern part such as Manza for summer with south wind and Southern part such as Itoman for winter with north wind.

Basically, we choose the dive site depending on the sea condition, diver’s level and preference on the activity day.

Is there any English speaking staff?

Yes, we can speak simple English. Also, we have English briefing slates for your convenience.

Can you dive during winter time in Okinawa?

Yes, you can enjoy diving in Okinawa all year round. During winter time, we provide a boat coat and thicker wetsuits for free.

Can I meet a sea turtle?

If the sea condition allows us, we do our best to visit the points with high chance to meet sea turtles. Still, as you know, they are wild animals. Please understand that we cannot guarantee that you can meet them 100%.

Booking and Payment

How can I book?

Click Booking, submit the form and send message via FLARE DIVE Facebook Messenger. After we check your booking, we will send you further notice for booking confirmation.

Is there any deposit?

Yes. For discover diving and fun diving, the deposit is ¥5,000 per person. For diving education, the deposit is ¥10,000 per person.

Can I book a day right before the activity or on actual activity day?

No, we do not accept those sudden booking. We recommend you to book at least 1 or 2 months in advance.

How can I pay?

Including deposit and balance, you can pay everything via PayPal. Also, you can pay the balance in cash or by credit card after the activity.

Can I pay by card?

Yes, We accept credit card.


Do you provide seasickness medicine?

No, we don’t. Because of the legal reason, all guests have to prepare own motion sickness medicine by themselves.

Do you provide accommodation transfer service?

Yes, we do but only within NAHA area. If you stay out of NAHA, you need to come to the meeting location on time by yourself.

Do you have accommodation?

No, we don’t. There are many hotels, guesthouses and airBnB in Okinawa. If you stay in NAHA area, we provide transfer service for free.

Can I go by myself by rental car?

Yes, you can. We inform you about the specific meeting location and time on the day before the activity day. Please set off 30 minutes earlier than the estimated time on navigation during the week day to avoid the rush hour. If you cannot join the tour because you are late, we don’t refund your deposit since it is the cancellation fee in this case.

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